Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disney Nature’s Earth [2009] & Ocean [2010] Trailers..

Here’s some of the trailers available on the youtube.. Highly recommended.. For the first time since returning to Malaysia, I am going to buy from

Disney Nature- Oceans (2010)
This is one DVD I would gladly buy original.. Makes me want to return and dive..
This movie took 4yrs to film, and captures the very best the ocean has to offer.. very well done and covers all 5 seas..

Disney Nature Presents: Oceans..

Disney Nature- Earth (2009)
This is another DVD I am interested in buying.. brings out the best planet earth has to offer..

Very highly recommended videos.. these 2.. personally speaking, I find this better than national geographic and can capture more audience then the documentaries could..



Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Raya Dive- Perhentian Island, Bubbles DC.

Hey guys.. here I am.. went for another dive at perhentian over my raya holidays, 4 days and 3 nights.. Stayed at bubbles dive centre, which is my favourite dive resorts, and where I got certified for both my open water and advanced open water certification.

Saw many interesting things, took some awesome photographs and videos.. and here they are..

First thing first.. the journey.. took the Gua Musang way to Kuala Besut (Jetty for Perhentian Island).
AND the return journey.. took the same route to and fro.. its amazing how the road looks MUCH better in day time, especially the taman negara stretch.. I really loved the view.

Untitled Untitled3

Tolls paid: (Same for To and Fro..)
RM1.60 (LDP-Kepong)
RM5.00 (Karak Highway)
RM1.60 (Karak Highway)

Comparing my ‘To’ Journey and ‘Fro’ Journey,


Total journey is 464km, but according to my gps, it took me 8hrs 18minutes to reach there, at an average speed of 56km/h.. not bad.. as the traffic is heavy and returning is slightly further, 469km but took me 9hrs 42minutes to reach home, at an average speed of 48km/h.. This time, the traffic is really bad at taman negara stretch, and slow moving until karak highway.. from there is smooth..


OK, enough about the drive.. how is the dive itself? like people always say, a picture says a thousand words.. and here, is my thousand words. of my recent dive trip, to Pulau Perhentian.


First, I will share the most popular fish, known especially by children as nemo.. the clown fish.


IMG_2025 IMG_2366

IMG_2299 IMG_2041

IMG_2280 IMG_2296

Next, some breath taking photographs of the yellow stripe ‘something’ fish, and barracudas..

IMG_2062 IMG_2068

IMG_2112 IMG_2388




Next, unarguably the most unpopular starfish, the crown of thorns.. I find it beautiful, but it eats corals..

Crown of Thorns

IMG_1934 IMG_1979


Next, saw some nudis, PIPE FISH and miniature crabs (its name is ‘something’ lobster.. forgot the exact name)

IMG_2264 IMG_2351




Next, we have the very cute puffer fish and porcupine fish..

IMG_2122 IMG_2126

IMG_2139 IMG_2250

IMG_2361  IMG_2291



IMG_1906 IMG_2007


Red Snapper..


Moray Eels


IMG_2386 IMG_2229


Scorpion Fish..


IMG_2146  IMG_2147

Nurse Sharks

IMG_2119 IMG_2405



Little Green Turtles..

IMG_2097 IMG_2107

Here’s a video of the green turtle hatchling swim back to the sea..

Overall, the experience is incredible.


Special thanks to Ng Wan Hoe, for designing and making the bracket for my G11.. much easier to take photographs with the bracket.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harvesting ‘Tree’ Bee’s Honey

I had the privilege to study the ‘tree’ bees and their honey.

Before I proceed, I would like to make some clarifications.. I have no idea what bee species this is, it looks very similar to the carpenter bee, without the sting, HOWEVER do keep honey and makes their honey from tree sap rather than flower pollen.

Having said that, here is some photographs.

The tree trunk where the ‘tree’ bees stay.. the box on top is where the bees keep their honey (they keep it on top..)


Note the little hole towards the bottom of the lumber? That is the ‘door’ of the bees.. they enter and exit from there..

And here it is.. us harvesting the honey..





Here is a video clip:

‘Tree Bees’ Honey..


Location: Gemas, Negeri Sembilan