Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Root Motorola Razr after Updating to 65.1.21.XT910.PSHAsiaRetail.en.03

Note: This is ONLY for XT910 variants. Flash at your own risk. If you brick the phone, it is a risk you have to bear. We will not be held responsible. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Method by: almstag (XDA-Developers Forum)

This is what happened to me.. i purchased a brand new Motorola Razr XT910.. and soon after that, before i even rooted the device.. i did the OTA update.. BIG MISTAKE.. turns out the new firmware 65.1.21.xt910 cannot be rooted.

So the only way, at least as I am writing this guide, is to downgrade, root, protect root, and revert back to 65.1.21.xt910.

So here is a guide from almstag, of XDA-Developers forum, which is the guy who’s post helped me root my phone.

First, you will need some files.. download these in advance.

1. Moto Helper

2. RSD

3. Fastboot File: Download SPDREM_U_01.6.5.1-73_SPU-11-PASS-10_SIGNEuropeAustraliaEMEA_USASPDRRTGB_HWp2b_Servi

4. ROM for Razr Asia Recovery

5. Root Files (

6. Razr Bootstrap Recovery

Lets Start with Downgrading via Fast Boot
OK.. currently there is no Fastboot for 65.1.21.XT910.PSHAsiaRetail.en.03, so we are going to do, is to flash Europe’s Fastboot file to your phone.

Step 1: Flash the to Your Phone
1.1  Boot  your phone into AP Fast Boot Mode
Switch off your phone, then hold to the power key + Volume Down + Volume Up
You should get something like this

1.2  Connect your phone to your PC Via USB cable
1.3  Flash the firmware into your phone

Step 2: Root your phone..
2.1  Extract the Root files you downloaded earlier (DoomLord)
2.2  Enable debugging mode on your phone
Go to Settings->Applications->Development->[Tick USB debugging]
2.3  Connect your phone to PCl
2.4  Set USB connection to “Charge Only”
2.5  Run the “Runme.bat” from Doomlord’s file
2.6  Thats it.. your phone is now rooted.

Step 3:  Bootstrap Recovery
3.1  Install Razr Bootstrapper (APK) to your phone.
You will need to copy this APK file to your phone’s SD card
3.2  Copy the Razr Asia to your phone’s SD card
3.3  Run Razr Bootstrapper
3.4  Select “Bootstrap Recovery”
Superuser will prompt for permissions
3.5  Select “Reboot Recovery”
3.5.1  The phone will reboot into Clockworkmod Recovery
3.5.2  Select “Install zip from SD Card”
3.5.3  Flash the software
If you are unable to complete this step, please skip to the last part.. because i encounter “installation aborted” error

Step 4: Preserve your Root
4.1  Install from market Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper
4.2  Backup the Root
4.3  Unroot
4.4  Install the 65.1.21.XT910 update (OTA)
4.5  Use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper to restore root


Ok.. now for the difficult part. What if you encounter problem at step 3. I encountered installation aborted error message. No matter how many times i try, i still get that error message.

Thanks to almstag from XDA-Developers forum, he taught me what to do.

1. Download this stock ROM

2. Make a folder on your ext-sd and name it “clockworkmod”

3. Go to clockworkmod, and make a new folder inside it, named “backup”

4. Extract the downloaded 6.5.1_73-spd-ird-12 into the backup folder (ext-sd\clockworkmod\backup)

5. Run Razr Bootstrap on your phone and go to recovery

6. Scroll down into “backup & restore”

7. Restore 2011-12-

8. After complete, wipe cache, and then reboot.

DONE! you can now proceed with step 4.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Papago X5 SGMY for Android (Tested on Motorola Droid Razr- Ginger 2.3.5)

Root NOT Required.. did this on my phone, and it is not rooted.
Hey guys.. Having the opportunity to use this great GPS application (was installed on my phone by the phone shop, i must say, it makes a very good back up GPS navigation software if my primary GPS device have problem..
But one day, me and my itchy hands, went to perform a hard reset on my phone.. and i had to install everything from the scratch. Good learning curve too.. after spending several hours looking through the internet, and combining several tricks from different sites, i came up with the best method i have so far..
Sorry i didn’t make this guide with images to make the installation easier.. i have yet to find a suitable screen capture app on Android that doesn’t require root.. I do not want to root my device and expose it to potential system failures and malware attacks.
Tools & Software RequirementDisclaimer: this guide is written for Ginger 2.3.x devices. It may or may not work for other devices. Do so at your own risk. Do not come to me if you damage or brick your phone by following this guide.
Step 1: Download this file from the net:
1.1. Papago X5 for [Link Removed]
1.2. Papago X5 for Android.z01 [Link Removed]
Copy both this file into the same folder, and extract the contents from Papago X5 for
Step 2: Determine your Android Device Screen Resolution. For example, my Motorola Razr Screen Resolution is 540X960. (if you do not know your device’s screen resolution, go to your manufacturer’s website and search for the screen resolution.
Step 3:  Go to the folder where you extracted the “Papago X5 for” file.
3.1. Go to the folder \NaviSEA\Organic. You will see there are many folders with different screen resolution.
3.2. If your screen resolution is not stated there, find one that matches it exactly, and ‘copy-paste’ it within the same folder. It should come out something like “480X854 - Copy” and rename it to your screen resolution. For my case, it is 540X960.
Remember, choose the nearest resolution folder and make sure the resolution is smaller than your screen resolution.
3.3. Do the same thing for the folders within CHT, EN, IND, MY.
Step 4: From your phone, go to market (or some call it Google Market).. and download the software “Spareparts+” and install it on your phone.
Step 5: In your phone’s settings, make sure you enable the option to install applications from others source other than market.
Step 6: Connect your Android to your PC via USB cable, for me i used PC mode, and copy the folder “NaviSEA” and the file “PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk” into the root of your SD Card.
Step 7: Disconnect your android device from your PC. Use any “file explorer” softwares out in market.
Step 8: Browse to the root of your SD Card and run the “PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk” file. DO NOT RUN THE APPLICATION JUST YET.
Step 9: Run “Spareparts +” which you installed in step 4. Under Compatibility Mode, Tick it and restart your phone.
If it is already ticked, untick it, restart your phone. Then tick it again.
Step 10: Go to the PAPAGO X5 from apps, and run it. it should be able to run.

Note 1: If the application exit on its own, then go back to spareparts and untick the compatibility, and restart phone again.. then run papago x5 to see if it works.
Note 2: If the application complaints something about resolution, that means you did not do step 3 properly.. go and do it properly.
DONE~! Enjoy your Papago X5.

AND, yes, i am aware that the screen looks abit odd.. this is because papago X5 is a rather old navigation software for android, and not meant to be used in the more modern android devices with larger screens.. thus it looks weird. You can however install the later versions, but i never tried it. Papago X5 works well and it is perfect as a back up navigator.
I might come out with a guide to update the map later on.. when i have the time..