Saturday, June 25, 2011

Videos Captured in My Recent Dive Trip in Perhentian

Here’s some videos I took on my Recent Dive Trip in Perhentian, some fish underwater, some turtles laying eggs Smile

Here’s the videos. Please do comment. Shot using my Canon Powershot G11

Green Turtle Lay Eggs..

Or rather covering the egg with sand..

Underwater Video

Anemone Fish..

Black Tip Reef Shark..

The biggest plankton i ever saw.. the size of a maggot!

Yellow Tail Baracuda..

The Barge.. Video 1

The Barge.. Video 2

Hope u guys liked the videos.. Will take more video’s and photographs in next dive trip.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diving at Perhentian- June 2011 (Photos, Videos coming soon..)

Having being totally stressed out the past few months, working late almost every night, sometimes to wee hours.. it is only normal to go for a vacation.. and what better vacation than to go tot he crystal clear islands of Perhentian..
This round, took flight instead of driving or coach.. Overall travelling cost much more, but not as tiring as driving or coach.
This trip, only did 3 dives for a 3D2N weekend escapade. My purpose is to rest, not stress myself out.
So guys, here’s some pics i took underwater.
Dive 1: Batu Layar (Refresher Dive, PM dive), Maximum Depths 17.8m, 66' dive time, 29⁰C

IMG_1116 IMG_1118
IMG_1125 IMG_1126
IMG_1158 IMG_1169
IMG_1179 IMG_1182

Dive 2: Bubbles DC House Reef (Night Dive), Max Depth 14.7m, 62’ Dive Time, 29⁰C
IMG_1188 IMG_1191
IMG_1194 IMG_1195
IMG_1197 IMG_1226
IMG_1211 IMG_1215
IMG_1239 IMG_1249

Dive 3: The Barge (AM Dive), 26.4m Max Depth, 44’ dive time, 27⁰C
IMG_1278 IMG_1279
IMG_1285 IMG_1289
And of course, after the dives, did MANY SNORKELING around the house reef of Bubbles DC.