Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Papago Z1 On the Road Review..

Ok.. so I have been using this beautiful Papago Z1 for 5 days now.. here’s what i have to say.

Before I start, let me explain a little bit of my background with GPS.. i first started to use GPS on my Nokia N95 smartphone, using Mapking, and eventually Garmin Mobile XT. i even wrote a guide on how to install MapKing and Garmin Mobile XT previously.

I then upgraded my phone to Nokia 5800, with obviously Garmin Mobile XT, and occasionally Nokia Maps. It was around this time i bought myself the Garmin Nuvi 205w when i was on vacation in Taiwan. So, yes, I am rather pro-Garmin guy and only recently got my hands on Papago devices. Having only Garmin 205w to compare the device with, i will be making comparisons here and there..

For those who are new to my blog, here’s my post on me unboxing the unit..

OK.. lets start with the device.. Start up time is rather slow.. about 7 seconds, compared to my obsolete Garmin 205w. Next, SATELITE LOCK IS SOOOOOO SLOOOWWW… and i am not talking about initial lock.. even this morning, 5th day of using this papago in same area, took 30 seconds to get a satellite lock! it will normally take my garmin 205w longest 10 seconds to get a lock.

In my opinion, this is where Papago looses out to Garmin.. even loosing to a 3 year old Garmin Nuvi 205w.. Device Start up and satellite is VERY important for a GPS unit.. but papago isnt that bad.. it is slow, but still way faster than most of the CHINA GPS branded units out there..

Next.. the interface.. I must say.. Papago has a very different interface compared to Garmin.. Papago is more.. umm.. matured.. compared to cartoon-ic garmin.. but it depends on personal taste.. some likes papago interface some prefer garmin.


Although i prefer to cartoon interface, i simply love this screen.. has everything i need on display.. estimated time of arrival, distance remaining, travel time remaining.. u get this too in garmin, but only 1.. u have to choose which one you want..


papago with junction view..

Some other screens..


“Travel Computer” & “POIs Nearby”


Another version of “junction view”


Ok.. overall, the Papago is comparable to Garmin.. it has some pros and cons.. However, to me, besides satellite lock and boot up time, the MOST IMPORTANT THING, is the mapset.

Garmin uses Malsingmaps (MSM) where-else Papago uses Malfreemaps (MFM). Malfreemaps is by far much better than Malsingmaps in terms on POIs and new area availability (MFM maps covers much more areas compared to MSM)

MFM does have maps for garmin.. but garmin does not allow junction views to be enabled on non MSM users or non South East Asian Garmin unit (i’m using taiwanese unit.. it is so much cheaper there).. so it really sucks.. i have been using MFM on my garmin for a long time, but no junction view..

so here i am, using papago.. happy to have the more up-to-date MFM map and junction views on my unit..

Papago Z1 is a great unit.. and the mapping community behind the map is great and supportive.. (http://www.malfreemaps.com).. i would say, i do not regret buying this GPS PND.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unboxing the Papago Z1, South East Asia Edition

It has been a great day! I saw a promotion on the internet, the a promotion (Pre-launch) to purchase the new Papago Z1 at RM488, instead of it’s RRP of RM599. If anyone’s interested, here is the link:

Before i start, here’s the promotion brochure.

And, here is the specifications..

  • Processor : SiRF Atlas-V, ARM11 500MHz Dual Core CPU
  • Memory :  128Mb DDR2 RAM, 4Gb Flash
  • OS : Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
  • Display : Touch Screen, 5” TFT LCD, 480 x 272 pixel
  • GPS : SiRF
  • Antenna : Patch Antenna
  • Battery : 1,500mAH Rechargeable Li0Polymer Battery
  • Car Charger : Input 12V DC, Output 5V, 1.5A
  • Dimension : 130 x 85 x 15 mm
  • Weight : 194g
  • Car Mount : YES
  • Memory Slot : Micro SD

What is in the Box?

  • 1 x Unit of  PAPAGO! Z1
  • 1 x Vehicle Suction Mount
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Preloaded with PAPAGO! X9 Navigational Software, 5 country maps including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia

Alright, here’s the condition i received it.. via GD Express. i had the parcel delivered to my office..


Nice, they even wrapped it with bubble foam..





OK.. here is the items included in the box.. just as they said on the website..
1. Car suction mount- checked.
2. Papago Factory Backup Disk + Digital Manual in CD- checked.
3. USB Cable- checked.
4. Car Charger- checked.
5. Warranty Card- checked.
6. Quick Start Guide- checked
7. Stylus- checked (although i have no idea where to slot this in, on the PND.. there isnt any “hole” for the stylus
8. PAPAGO Z1 PND- checked.


I noticed there is a warning sticker on the PND, asking me to let it charge at least for 10 minutes before i first use it.. SOOOO.. alright, plugged in the unit into my PC’s USB slot and let it charge..

Thats all for now.. more on actual usage and a review of its X9 interface..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thaipusam, Batu Caves, Malaysia, Year 2012

I have spent the half of yesterday, thinking should I go to Batu Caves or should I not, just for the sake of taking photographs of devote hindu disciples pay their respect to their god.. SO finally.. i decided to go, with a good friend of mine.

Woke up at 530am, met up with friend at 6am, had breakfast at McDonalds and made our way to Batu Caves.. Reached there around 650am, there was a big jam there.. ALREADY.. THIS EARLY.. manage to secure a place to park my car on the fly over bridge about 5 minutes walk away from the temple.

So here is some of the photographs i shot..

IMG_9335  IMG_9374

IMG_9327 IMG_9312

IMG_9317 IMG_9320

IMG_9303 IMG_9304 IMG_9239 IMG_9271

IMG_9259 IMG_9245 

IMG_9232 IMG_9278

IMG_9326 IMG_9368

Now.. for those taken with my 2nd camera, my faithful Point and Shoot.. for wide angle photos..

IMG_3429 IMG_3437

IMG_3438 IMG_3423

And finally.. THIS.. had a free “cold sample” before i called it a day and left..



Now.. want to share a photo with all of you.. sometimes, i feel ashamed to be called a photographers, because of these in-humane, in-polite and no respect for religion photographers.. the poor dude was carrying such heavy thing.. and needs to sit for a rest.. the moment he sits down.. FUIYOH.. all this idiots rush to him to shoot.. poor guy.. it must have been painful.. This is why photographers is banned in so many places.. because of these guys..

IMG_3430 IMG_3433

And then on my way out, i see 3 police tow trucks happily towing cars away.. odd, because you do not see them towing away cars at certain places of worship and during certain time and certain day.. and FRU unit on standby..

IMG_9389 IMG_9385

And next.. videos..

Thaipusam Video 1
Thaipusam Video 2
Thaipusam Video 3
Thaipusam Video 4