Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Papago Z1 On the Road Review..

Ok.. so I have been using this beautiful Papago Z1 for 5 days now.. here’s what i have to say.

Before I start, let me explain a little bit of my background with GPS.. i first started to use GPS on my Nokia N95 smartphone, using Mapking, and eventually Garmin Mobile XT. i even wrote a guide on how to install MapKing and Garmin Mobile XT previously.

I then upgraded my phone to Nokia 5800, with obviously Garmin Mobile XT, and occasionally Nokia Maps. It was around this time i bought myself the Garmin Nuvi 205w when i was on vacation in Taiwan. So, yes, I am rather pro-Garmin guy and only recently got my hands on Papago devices. Having only Garmin 205w to compare the device with, i will be making comparisons here and there..

For those who are new to my blog, here’s my post on me unboxing the unit..

OK.. lets start with the device.. Start up time is rather slow.. about 7 seconds, compared to my obsolete Garmin 205w. Next, SATELITE LOCK IS SOOOOOO SLOOOWWW… and i am not talking about initial lock.. even this morning, 5th day of using this papago in same area, took 30 seconds to get a satellite lock! it will normally take my garmin 205w longest 10 seconds to get a lock.

In my opinion, this is where Papago looses out to Garmin.. even loosing to a 3 year old Garmin Nuvi 205w.. Device Start up and satellite is VERY important for a GPS unit.. but papago isnt that bad.. it is slow, but still way faster than most of the CHINA GPS branded units out there..

Next.. the interface.. I must say.. Papago has a very different interface compared to Garmin.. Papago is more.. umm.. matured.. compared to cartoon-ic garmin.. but it depends on personal taste.. some likes papago interface some prefer garmin.


Although i prefer to cartoon interface, i simply love this screen.. has everything i need on display.. estimated time of arrival, distance remaining, travel time remaining.. u get this too in garmin, but only 1.. u have to choose which one you want..


papago with junction view..

Some other screens..


“Travel Computer” & “POIs Nearby”


Another version of “junction view”


Ok.. overall, the Papago is comparable to Garmin.. it has some pros and cons.. However, to me, besides satellite lock and boot up time, the MOST IMPORTANT THING, is the mapset.

Garmin uses Malsingmaps (MSM) where-else Papago uses Malfreemaps (MFM). Malfreemaps is by far much better than Malsingmaps in terms on POIs and new area availability (MFM maps covers much more areas compared to MSM)

MFM does have maps for garmin.. but garmin does not allow junction views to be enabled on non MSM users or non South East Asian Garmin unit (i’m using taiwanese unit.. it is so much cheaper there).. so it really sucks.. i have been using MFM on my garmin for a long time, but no junction view..

so here i am, using papago.. happy to have the more up-to-date MFM map and junction views on my unit..

Papago Z1 is a great unit.. and the mapping community behind the map is great and supportive.. (http://www.malfreemaps.com).. i would say, i do not regret buying this GPS PND.


  1. Brothers' @ Kelana Jaya are selling this unit for RM458.will this be ori units

  2. I'm not sure, could be.. You could try asking the sole distributor m3. You can find link to their website at m3shoppe.com

  3. Dear Harold,

    My name is Venon, from M3's ecommerce department, M3Shoppe. I would like to request for permission to post this link on our Facebook page, and a link on our blog as well, just so that more users are aware of how does the P1 perform.

    Hope you allow me to do so, and I will proceed with the necessaries.

    Thanks Harold.

    Best Regards,

  4. Is d new x9 software stable? ...
    newbie to gps

  5. not bad.. so far so good.. never "hang" before..

  6. Harold, does this device auto update the maps for you or u have to manually update the maps?

  7. umm.. the device do not auto update the maps. you can however visit www.malfreemaps.com and download the latest map, copy and paste into the device and its updated..

    let me know if u need guidance..

  8. hi harold...thanks for sharing that infos..

    do u know the differences between papago h8 and z1 about satelite lock?
    do u think they have the same prblem?or h8 is faster?

    for the better level and price,do u recomend me this h8? or any gps else with the same budget?

    thanks n regards

  9. Is my second monh using this product and not happy with the signal locking. Too slow

  10. Dear Anonymous 1, sorry, i just saw your comment.
    I never tried Papago H8, i have no idea about the satellite lock on H8.

    Dear Anonymous 2, the signal locking is a bit slow.. but still satisfactory. I normally get a satellite lock under 30 seconds.. sometimes 1 minute. there is several factors to look into..
    1. are you living in a dense area with lots of high rise buildings?
    2. are you driving while waiting for satellite lock?
    3. are you using ceramic based tint for your car?

    these factors affect satellite lock.

  11. Harold,
    Happy to have somebody to ask. I just bought my Papago Z1 yesterday, tried this morning, well, some function are different from my own china made GPS.
    1. the intelligence search function sometimes is not friendly and helpful at all. I tried to type "politeknik merlimau" but it allowed me to type until "politeknik" and a letter "D" appeared on the board, so I could not proceed with the "m". Can I turn off the intelligence search function? or any other way of getting around it.
    2. My old GPS has chinese POI, but papago Z1 have not. and the POI of Food and beverage (for example) has very limited preset locations. Should I go for update?
    3. I have seen somewhere, papago Z1 allow voice command, how to activate or use the voice command?
    thank you in advance for any recommendation.

    1. hi.. glad you like your papago z1.

      the intelligence search function is really friendly actually.. the reason you could not enter politeknik merlimau is because it is not listed there. as you type, the gps will search its database..

      the reason you cannot find it, is because it is named under "merlimau politeknik". sometimes the naming of places is different..

      chinese POI.. voice command also i never tried. sorry about it.

      not sure.. never tried that function.

  12. Hi, i just recently brought this product, but when the system status shown "FIXED", then i go to Destination to start find my place then follow by "GO", but it will shown the word "cannot rout to "Jurong West... (my choose place).(NO effectives starting point)" on the screen, is totally cannot work. Did you how to solve this problem?

    Thanks & hope you can help me.

  13. Hi Harold,

    I bought my Z1 after reading your review. I am feeling frustrated due to the POI option. It doesn't populate with Food or Petrol Stations. Do I need to set it up? Please help!

    1. Please let me know your map version. Perhaps u need to update the map. Mine shows it properly.

      Thank you for your vote of confidence by buying the set after reading my big. Thank you.

  14. thanks for providing help.
    I could not see a user manual in the provided DVD so I could get better use of papago Z1 device. Would you know the link where we can download. Could not find at M3asia.

    Thanks for the help

  15. found the answer.

    this is from google search for X8 nearly the same


    the one below is given by m3asia. it is nearly the same for version S1

  16. hi...how to get aes warning for this model,and how to update its software from x9 to s1?

  17. Harold, If for example I key in Linden Drive, Door number 1, it just shows me Linden Drive. Linden Drive is long enough so how do i find number 1?

  18. May I ask, what's the main difference between the latest Papago S1 and the previously stable X8.5-9.0 softwares?

  19. Harold, I want to ask.. Can this papago z1 add another world maps besides southeast asia? I
    I traveled to other other countries alot like china, japan and etc.. Can it get the maps outside southeast asia?

  20. Hi Harold,

    Please advice....I am looking at both Z1 and Nuvi 57. Which would be a better choice? Thank you..

  21. Hi Harold,

    Please advice....I am looking at both Z1 and Nuvi 57. Which would be a better choice? Thank you..

  22. hi, i just want to ask, how do you switch to real junction view ya? can you guide me?