Monday, December 24, 2012

How to Install Papago M9 for Android with Malaysia Map

ok.. i previously posted guides on how to install garmin on old symbian OS and papago X5 on android.. and now, here is how to do so to install papago M9 on android devices.
I tested this and it works on my Unrooted Stock ROM Samsung Note 2 International version (N7100) running on Jellybeans 4.1.1
First thing first, you need to download this 2 files.
File 1: WinRAR to extract the files because i used WinRAR to compress the files.
You do not need this if u know how to extract RAR files.
File 2: Program Files.
[Link Removed]
File 3: Map Files (updated to MFM 5th December 2012 map data, latest version at the time of this guide writting)
Step 1 : extract File 2 and File 3
Step 2 : Copy the map (The entire “MFM-PPG-X8-X9-121205” folder from File 3) into NaviSEA\Maps (From File 2)
Step 3 : Copy the entire folder NaviSEA into the root directory of your android phone’s internal storage (root not meaning rooted phones, but the base of the internal storage)
Step 4 : Browse to the NaviSEA directory from your phone. you can use the “my files” application or other 3rd party file explorer application such as root explorer (which is the one i used)
Step 5 : Run the application Navitotal! M9SEA.apk.
You might need to allow the phone to install from non-market apps. To do so, go to settings –> Security->Unknown Sources
thats it. if you find the screen funny you may want to install the second file, M9SEA v2.0.apk
do note, that for my phone, the resolution is a bit out, such as the screen shot below:
You will need additional resolution files. for example, in my case, the Samsung note 2 which uses resolution of 1280x720 and 720x1280. You can get the resolution files here:

Thats it! if you ever need to update your map, just go to