Monday, December 12, 2011

Malaysia Today..

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Malaysia is a multiracial country with Islam being the official religion, with approximately 64% of its population Muslims..

In the early seventh century, Arabian traders including the “Sahabas” preached in Malay Archipelago, Indo-China and China, but was not widely accepted. Islam was brought to Malay Peninsula by Indian Muslim traders in the 12th Century, where the first Malay Ruler, Sultan Muzaffar Shah the first, converted to Islam after being introduced to it by Indian traders. Even the first sultan and founder of the Malacca state, Parameswara was converted to Islam after marrying a princess from Pasai (currently part of Indonesia) and changed his name to Sultan Megat Iskandar Shah.

Malaysians were generally a harmonious community with tolerance among religions such as Buddhist, Christians, Taoist, Sikhs, and many more..

But recently, the Islamic religion became more and more aggressive with less tolerance to other religion..

Although Islam on itself is not a bad religion, it teaches us all to be kind to each other, compassionate, to pursue science and technology.. to be tolerant towards other religion and culture. But it is the followers that are bringing havoc, and their deadly interpretation of the Quran (the bible for Muslims).

I would not touch on Islam activities outside of Malaysia, just by looking at Malaysia, there are people throwing Cow heads at Hindu temples (Cow is considered holy to Hindus), demolishing Hindu or Buddhist temples just to build Islamic Mosques at the same grounds. There is even cases where Buddhist temple have to use the Islamic symbolic “Onion shaped roof” in their temple or risk being demolished in Klang, Selangor.

Where is the tolerance that the religion teaches?

Things get worse when Politicians start to use it for leverage in their political career.. Do they not see, using the Religion card and the Racial cards, will bring in-stability to the country? From what i read from local news, online news, I can see there are more extremist in Malaysia now compared to 10 years ago.. and even more so compared to my father’s days in the 60s and 70s.

Is Malaysia trying to mimic Indonesia, in their famous blood bath riots? Indonesia has learned it’s lesson and is now growing fast.. And Malaysia is becoming more and more backward..

The arrogance of the ruling party is appalling.. Trying everything to secure more votes in the upcoming election.. Dirty tactics such as attacking the opposition leader’s son using a photo of a foreign chess champion which is widely distributed on the internet. Come on, do you think we are dumb?

What makes me sad, is our Prime Minister can’t seem to keep his deputy prime minister in control.. the DPM keep making racist remarks and later call for tolerance in the society. The Prime Minister himself trying to improve his image with Facebook accounts, iPhone application and even the 1Malaysia concept, meant to bring harmony and better tolerance among culture and religion, but says the opposite things during UMNO assembly. Publicly showing his snake tongue.

There are photographs and other reports of the ruling party allowing large numbers of illegal immigrants to become citizens of Malaysia, YES, citizens and not PR holders.. as long as they vow to vote for ruling party in the next election. This has been practised for many years in east Malaysia (look at the number of Philipina in Kota Kinabalu) and you will understand. Now this is being practised in West Malaysia as well.

Even Muslims from Indonesia, upon registering, becomes BUMIPUTRA immediately.. the chinese, indian and other ethnic races has been in Malaysia for so many years, some even 4 or 5 generations, was not offered Bumiputra, but those new immigrants are granted just because they embrace Islam as a religion.

All this is never published by mainstream media, which is controlled by the ruling parties. Where is the freedom of speech?

The last time Malaysia held a rally, the famous “Bersih 2.0”, the ruling party came down on it really strong, having closing almost all major highways and roads leading into the city centre for a week! a week before the rally.. why? there certainly isn’t any reason for the road blocks, perhaps 1 day before, but not 1 week, causing havoc and heavy jam on the roads.

Police permits was not issued, but was later issued to similar rally by Islamic groups and an extreme racist organization, which ought to be put in jail by ISA a long time ago for inciting racist remarks and provoking racial riots.

To be honest, I do not have much faith in the opposition ruling the country, i even voted for the ruling party in the last election, based on the performance of the representative in my residential area. But looking at all these recent developments, I have lost ALL faith in the ruling party and will not hesitate to give the opposition a chance to prove itself. It can’t be worse than it is today, with all the corruptions that is draining the country’s reserves dry.

Look at the states run by opposition, they have mass reserves in the bank in just 2 years from last election.. Being able to have reserves and projects to improve the lives of people within the state, this means a lot compared to other states ruled by ruling party, with less projects but reserves getting less and less.. Where is the reserves going to?

There are cases where GLCs which is supposed to breed cows, end up investing in Condominiums in Bangsar. True, the investment may be a good investment, but the point is, the organization is meant to breed cows, which is far from achieving their targets. I would understand them spending to bring in experts in bovine breeding, or in improving their facilities, but certainly not property investments, posh cars for the directors.

Why not let the opposition have a go with the Country? They did a good job in states, I am sure they can do so in the country as well.

Note: This is purely my thoughts and I am not linked to any political party or religion. I am just an Ordinary Citizen of Malaysia, voicing his concerns.