Saturday, December 4, 2010

KL International Motorshow 2010- TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT..

Perhaps people will disagree, but this KLIMS is a total failure and very disappointing. Having been to the past KLIMS as back as 2000, all KLIMS has amazed me and continued to do so until recently, KLIMS 2010.

I have been a vivid supporter since KLIMS 2000, and KLIMS has never dissapointed me except the delay in KLIMS 2009. But this KLIMS 2010, is really terrible and not worth EVERY CENT in the RM23 i paid to visit. which in my honest opinion, is not worthy of the title KL International Motorshow. This event is only comparable to those accessories shows by Bukit Jalil Stadium or outside times square, and hardly worth being named KLIMS, when compared to previous KLIMS.

Why I would say such a thing?

From the beginning, there is almost NO publicity. Where are all the publicity? i got to know it only recently via facebook and 1 miserable bill board along federal highway. THEN, comes purchasing the ticket. The link to airasia's red tix DOESNT EVENT WORK on google chrome. the idea of promoting the event via facebook is good, but how about tweeter? and the online ticketing is a good idea too.. except the pricing which I will touch on that later.

Along the way driving to PWTC, there isnt any traffic at all this morning, unlike previous KLIMS where i have to practically fight to secure a parking space at the Terminal Putra parking complex opposite PWTC. Where is the crowds? My friends that came via STAR LRT and KTM, mentioned not much crowd in the train itself. I always go to KLIMS on saturday mornings, you may think that the crowd is less because it is saturday morning, please do not be mistaken. The previous KLIMS had crowds even on saturday mornings (I left Shah Alam at 10am, and reached PWTC at 1030am, had my breakfast and entered KLIMS at 11am. Left klims at 145pm. THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE THERE!!)

<span>OK, next, when i entered PWTC, at the ticketing counter, i was shocked. They are selling the tickets at RM20!! while i purchased my ticket online for Rm23!! This is the first time purchasing tickets online COST SO MUCH more! Why is this so? also, the queue at the ticketing counter to collect tickets purchased online, IS LONGER than the almost non-existant que at the 'purchase-on-the-spot' ticket counters. I enjoy buying things online, but this is just downright ridiculous. TGV/GSC charges RM1 for tickets bought online.. BUT RM3 is a bit too steep.

Next, the show itself.. I was surprised by the number of cars in the show. Big cars such as Porsche, Ferrari came in under the flag of NAZA?! Brabus.. and where are their concept cars? where is BMW, Volvo, Mercedes? How about FORD? i was looking forward to see mustangs.. or at least the focus..

True, proton and perodua has impressive booths, nice cars on displays, but what about the rest? Toyota and Lexus stalls are miserable, with only 1 or 2 cars.. In the past, i remember Mitsubishi, or was it toyota or honda, having people dance and all on the stage, which is really fun. Where has all that gone? we only had honda's miserable 'talk show'.

This round, there doesnt seem to be much accessories stalls compared to the previous ones.. i was hoping to find something decent to add on to my car, but nothing caught my taste. I was happy to see an AMBANK ATM machine in the show, and was thinking to my self that i could withdraw some cash in case i saw something i really liked and didnt have enough ringgit in my pocket.

I enjoyed vespa, harley, but there only seemed to have only 1 aprilia? what happened to the other superbikes? 

The models are a sweet bunch, but the variety of cars and exhibitors leave much to be desired. Am i imagining things or is this KLIMS smaller than previous ones?

OH, and the BATMOBILE.. what the hack is that? a lump of styrofoam with black paint sprayed over it. the 'black' isnt even BLACK at all!! its faded black.. more of a grey-in-color, AND WE HAVE TO PAY TO TAKE PHOTO WITH IT... The bumblebee.. WE CANT EVEN GO NEAR IT TO TAKE A GOOD PHOTO.. i was standing by the 'string' that have there, and was rudely pushed aside by the exhibitor because their 'professional photographer' needs to go in.. AND IM NOT EVEN BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE!! cant you at least say 'excuse me' or 'sorry'? 

I sincerely hope MAA will take things seriously, and not end up like some goverment body which became over confident and take Malaysian People for granted. We are not fools and I sincerely hope, MAA will improve the next KLIMS (will it be 2013, 2014 or 2015 I wonder?)

Having said all those, the girls are still good though.. here’s some photos I have took of the event.

IMG_6444 IMG_6452 IMG_6455


Proton’s Electric Car..IMG_6457 

And the Proton Hang Brothers.. sorry, only manage to shoot 2 of the 4 hang brothers..

IMG_6464 IMG_6466



IMG_6474 IMG_6477

IMG_6473 IMG_6479

IMG_6480 IMG_6483


IMG_6484 IMG_6486

IMG_6492 IMG_6488

IMG_6497 IMG_6564


IMG_6517 IMG_6518

IMG_6522 IMG_6529

IMG_6530 IMG_6534

IMG_6536 IMG_6537

IMG_6539 IMG_6544

I pity this girl.. subjected to photographer’s foolish perverted gaze also didn’t know..

IMG_6541 IMG_6552

see what happened.. wanna  c your photo? come.. here it is.. [then slowly move the camera lower and lower.. and the girl bends lower and lower.. and the guy happily enjoys the view..]




IMG_6568 IMG_6574

IMG_6570 IMG_6577

IMG_6581 IMG_6583

IMG_6584 IMG_6585

IMG_6587 IMG_6591


IMG_6595 IMG_6596


And here it is.. the famed Styrofoam Bat Mobile.. look for yourself la.. the cheap-ness of the quality..


IMG_6615 IMG_6625

IMG_6620 IMG_6621





OK.. having said what I had in my heart, and posted out these photographs of the ladies, the only reason this show is still worth mentioning.. I feel much relaxed and confortable.

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