Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unlocking Windows Phone 7, via Chevron Unlocking Tools

After several weeks of using windows phone 7, I really cannot stand using this phone without custom ringtones.. they built-in ringtone is really bad..
But I’ll touch on that subject later. First, let me guide everyone through unlocking your Windows Phone 7. I tested it on my LG Optimus 7 E900. And no problems occur.
Background : This works on my system, Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit System and LG Optimus 7.
First of all, this is a list of tools you will need.
1. Zune Software (
2. Chevron WP7 Software [Link Removed]
3. Chevron WP7 Cert [Link Removed]
4. Windows Phone 7 SDK (
Step 1: Install Zune Software on your PC
Step 2: Install Windows Phone 7 SDK
Step 3: Email Chevron WP7 Cert (The Cert File itself, and not the zip file) to your own email address linked to your Windows Phone 7
Step 4: Open the Chevron WP7 Cert file from your phone to install it to your phone
Step 5: *Restart your phone*
Step 6: Connect your phone to your PC via USB. Make sure Zune starts up and can detect your phone properly
Step 7: Disable your phone’s locking screen via settings –> System –> Lock & Wallpaper –> Password –> Off
Step 8: Run Chevron WP7 Software
Step 9: Select both ‘Ensure your phone isn’t PIN-locked’ and ‘Install Certificate blabla..’
Step 10: Click on ‘UNLOCK’
DONE ! !

Troubleshooting: What if I encounter the following screen:
Solution: Make sure it IS connected and that ZUNE is running in the background of your PC and ZUNE can detect your phone.

That’s it.. isn’t it easy? Now I can enjoy an unlocked WP7 device I paid for.
Now your device can handle custom ringtones. My guide on that coming soon.


  1. hye harold... i have use all method to unlock my phone... but all not working ...pliz help me...

  2. we cant unlock ours... it keeps on displaying the error screen

  3. If you keep running into the connection error, try this workaround at:
    (also make sure you manually set your time/date before nov-2011)

  4. I have lumia 710 and the method is not working.... the certificate is expired bro...

  5. @john abuza,
    What is your mobile model?i suggest to unlock your phone you can approach and remove the network lock easily and permanently.They provide unlock service for various mobile models.