Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Politician Approves of Corruption in Egypt Publicly?!

It is now 5:13pm, February 4th, 2011 and i came across some very interesting twits, from one of our great nation’s future leaders, and youth of our UMNO party (UMNO Youth).

khalid Samad

Please have a look at the last 3 twits by Khalid Samad. Allow me to translate.

Posted 26 minutes ago, “UMNO Youth is afraid Egypt will be controlled by China, end up just like Singapore. Request Arabian Egypt provide support to Mubarak. Bribery, Cruelty is alright. Don’t give chinese power!”

Posted 32 minutes ago, “Mubark’s assets RM120 billion. Pakatan Rakyat (opposition coalition party) says is bribery money and Mubark is a national thief. UMNO Youth says now Mubarak is able to get contracts, commissions, AP & Licensing.”

Is this the mindset of our UMNO Youth? the future leaders of UMNO and Barisan Nasional?

To approve of corruption and bribery just to deny chinese being the leaders of the nation? And to prevent becoming Singapore (whats wrong with Singapore? they seem to be doing fine).

I am trully saddened by this news. I am a strong supporter of Barisan Nasional, even in the last election because the representative in my area (MCA) really did a good job in our area. But looks like I have been mistaken. If this is the future of Malaysia, the future is dark indeed.

Indirectly, one will see, that UMNO Youth will do anything to prevent other races to come to power, including corrupted officials. This is a sad day for Malaysia.

Our Prime Minister has been propagating 1Malaysia, wanting our nation to unite and put racial & religion barriers behind us. But is he really serious about this or is he just talking without plans to put things in motion. If he is really serious, he would have cleaned up his own party, as the leader of UMNO & Barisan Nasional.

All this time, I do not see anything done towards 1Malaysia. yes, we have nice things such as Malaysia Day, 1Malaysia Clinics. But all these have nothing to do with Racial Unity & Religion.

If the goverment wants Malaysia to be strong, they have to walk the talk and clean up his own party.

This is all I have to say. I will continue to watch and observe comments and actions by our dear politicians.


  1. oh...god....i not yet vote and i always sad of Barisan National~!

  2. same here.. utterly disappointed..

  3. next election, just vote other than BN