Friday, April 15, 2011

PC Fair.. yet again.. April 2011

Here we are, the time of the year again where Malaysia has its PC Fair at KL Convention Centre.

As usual, I went to this PC Fair, but this time.. i noticed something i never noticed before.

1. There are more DSLR users then ever.
2. They are rude, no manners and don’t care about others.
3. They have no etiquette. After u shoot, PLEASE LA STEP ASIDE.. its not like ur transparent..

Having vented that.. here’s my bootie..

IMG_8088 IMG_8090


IMG_8092 IMG_8094

IMG_8095 IMG_8098

YES, my games are loaded.. unless.. u mean something else when you say ‘Game LOADED’.. LOL


IMG_8099 IMG_8101

IMG_8105 IMG_8108

Yes, defintely exceed my vision Smile

IMG_8110 IMG_8111

IMG_8114 IMG_8115

IMG_8116 IMG_8122

IMG_8123 IMG_8144



IMG_8139 IMG_8145


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