Sunday, May 8, 2011

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Team’s Ignorance & Arrogance..

lg-optimus7_2Here is a short rant that i have been keeping to myself, and recently seeing an application i really want to buy, i cannot take it anymore..
Being a proud owner of LG Optimus 7, I was disappointed when i first open the box. After a day or 2, got used to the phone and started to love the phone for its simplicity, ease of usage the obvious research and development Microsoft have put in this phone’s predictive input (much better over iPhone, Android & Symbian).

I am extremely disappointed, however, being unable to purchase ANY apps from the market place on my wp7 in Malaysia. This is something i do not understand. I can make credit card purchases online, via MasterCard or visa almost everywhere.. why cant i make app purchase online just because my country is not supported? why do you need to support Malaysia in the first place? Amazon does not support due to shipping reasons (amazon does not ship to Malaysia), its not like Microsoft is going to ship their applications to Malaysia.. so what is the problem with Malaysians (and a lot other 'non-supported nations').

Best thing is, i see from tech forums around the world saying apps developers is unhappy to the low sales of their applications.. WELL, the sales could have been MUCH better if WE COULD PAY for them, rather than relying on trial versions..

first, the delays in updates. This i do not understand, because my phone is not branded, not locked.. and my network operator doesn't even test it unlike many other operators.. so the delays, are solely Microsoft.. WHY THE DELAYS?! i would have received NODO update only 2 weeks ago if i didn't use the Canadian gateway method to update my phone.
Now this.. I am stuck with free apps (i am lucky to be using LG, due to their large amount of free apps for LG phones) and trials. I cannot even enjoy a decent game! for example, PES, NFS.. i love those games.. and would love to buy them.. but i cant. for some reason, when trying to enter my credit card details, the billing address field for 'country' is locked to Singapore!! since my card is Malaysian, it is obvious why my card failed its authentication.

emails to Microsoft fell on deaf ears.. even postings in their forum produced no help, except 'Microsoft's marketplace team is hard at work to bring support to more countries'.. can they be more specific? How long has wp7 been out? I personally have been using since last Christmas.. do i have to wait for the next Christmas? or the one after this?

there is tonnes of great, cool & useful applications in the marketplace, but i cannot use any of them due to being unable to pay for them. Some of those tools are really cheap and wont even cost a dent to my wallet yet I am not able to use them..
In modern days, the sole difference between smartphones, besides the OS (the O/S is all similar nowadays), is the applications and support. Looks like Microsoft has a lot more to improve before it could ever catch up to Apple or Google.. including revenue. It is always bad for business to ignore potential paying customers..
by this Christmas, if they do not fix the marketplace app, I'll b selling off this phone.. no point in keeping it if i cant even purchase proper apps. I love this phone, but the inability to purchase apps is killing me. Android & iPhones has no problems with their payment gateway.. why only Microsoft? and support for customized ringtone comes in 3rd party jailbreak & hacks.. this is nonsense.. unable to play video's sound via BT headsets.. this is another major issue that should have been address in NODO.. not sure if its even IN mango update..


  1. You could have easily googled n avoided the situation you are in right now before purchasing the toy. It is common knowledge that android based market place is messy as well because the system setup is different for each region. Do your research well enough before grabbing the gadget in the future !!!!!

  2. LOL.. true.. the time i purchased this gadget, there was NO publicity and No mention of this on the internet. The phone was just launched a few months without much coverage on the net.