Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hari Raya & Merdeka Day Dive- Perhentian Island.. yet again..

Here we are again, Perhentian Island. Can’t get enough of diving for myself..

Here’s some photographs I shot..

Mombasa LionFish Fimbriated Moray
Mombasa Lionfish                                                Fimbriated Moray

Long-Beaked Coral Fish IMG_1995
Long-Beaked Coral Fish

OKAY, at this point, im getting lazy to ID all the fish.. so here is the rest of them..

Nudi Branch..

 IMG_1729 IMG_1582 IMG_1897
IMG_1991 IMG_1975

Anemone Fish (aka Nemo or Clown Fish)

IMG_1609 IMG_1866
IMG_1867 IMG_1887
IMG_1888 IMG_1891

Green Turtle

IMG_1646 IMG_1647

Our Dive Master attacked by Titan Triggerfish..



IMG_1614 IMG_1796

IMG_1604 IMG_1638
IMG_1639 IMG_1962
IMG_1858 IMG_1949
IMG_1915 IMG_1766

Overall, damn enjoyable..

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