Monday, May 3, 2010

Gemas.. The Peaceful Town..

Here’s some photographs I have taken sometime ago.. on the small but enchanting town of Gemas..
For those who are not too geographically knowledgeable, Gemas is a small town located between Johor and Negeri Sembilan.. half the town is in Johor and another half in Negeri Sembilan.
Gemas is an important point in the Malaysian Peninsular. It is where the railway branches out to the east coast.
Okay.. enough on the background history of this small, quiet but enchanting town.. here’s some photographs.
IMG_3893 IMG_3894
IMG_3897 IMG_3899
IMG_3900 IMG_3914
IMG_3915  IMG_3944
And just in case your wondering, NO.. the last photo is not the product of photoshop.. the cloud really looks like a fox’s head..

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