Sunday, April 18, 2010

PC Fair April 2010- KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

It is the time of the year, where people rush to downtown KL.. KLCC (KL Convention Centre).. PIKOM PC FAIR!!
Met many sweet young girls, and even a new local artist BRENDEN.. the guy made famous by astro advertisements.
PCfairApril2010_06 PCfairApril2010_07
Next, we went to the PC Guru.. next door has a WCG booth.. where they have many xbox 360 for people to play.. So we decided to go and give it a try with my colleagues. This is a photo of my colleague.. For obvious reasons why i did not shoot myself playing the game.
Next.. The pretty ladies..
PCfairApril2010_10 PCfairApril2010_01
PCfairApril2010_04 PCfairApril2010_08
PCfairApril2010_11 PCfairApril2010_14
PCfairApril2010_16 PCfairApril2010_17
PCfairApril2010_18 PCfairApril2010_19
PCfairApril2010_20 PCfairApril2010_23
PCfairApril2010_21 PCfairApril2010_22
PCfairApril2010_24 PCfairApril2010_25
PCfairApril2010_26 PCfairApril2010_27
PCfairApril2010_28 PCfairApril2010_29
PCfairApril2010_30 PCfairApril2010_31
PCfairApril2010_32 PCfairApril2010_35
PCfairApril2010_33 PCfairApril2010_34
PCfairApril2010_36 PCfairApril2010_37
PCfairApril2010_38 PCfairApril2010_39
PCfairApril2010_40 PCfairApril2010_41
PCfairApril2010_44 PCfairApril2010_46
PCfairApril2010_47 PCfairApril2010_48
PCfairApril2010_49 PCfairApril2010_50

Next.. i got myself a P1 Wimax.. recently my modem is struck by a lightning.. and not willing to get another modem, decided to get something that will not get hit by lightning.. a wireless modem.. So P1 Wimax came to mind.. so here I am in at the P1 booth.. playing the game.. those papers flying around the tube.. the more i catch the more $$ they will credit in my account.. different papers has different  value.. in total i ‘caught’ RM41.00.. not bad..
DAMN SYIOK!! a real tiring day trip but damn worth it..

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