Tuesday, October 19, 2010

16th Oct 2010- Pangkor Island with Family

OKAAY.. its been a long time since I had an outing with my family.. Mom manage to get a free room’s stay with Teluk Dalam Resort, Pangkor.. So off we went and had a great time (and my first time snorkeling since the day I got my open water cert..)

Here’s some photographs I took.. all with my G11 (lazy to pack my 40d.. since we plan to go snorkeling, might as well use the extra space required for my 40d, to bring my underwater housing for G11 instead.. save space)

Here’s some sunset shots at Teluk Dalam, Pangkor..


OKAAAY.. perhaps this wasn’t a good shot, so I took more the next day..


AAaaah.. much better.. but looks a bit like the ones I took at perhentian.. so lets spice it up a little.. with water Smile

IMG_2817 IMG_2818

OKAAY.. I admit.. I am not really that artistic.. so lets go back to the normal types..


Much better.. hahahahaa..


OKAY.. next, during breakfast.. saw HORNBILLS!! at the restaurant and eventually they flew to our table!!


The hotel staff feeding the hornbills..

IMG_2760 IMG_2762

IMG_2829 IMG_2831


And here is a short video of us feeding the hornbill Smile

Feeding Hornbill with Bread..









Okay.. lets see.. what else.. Umm.. went snorkeling w parents.. here’s some snorkeling pics..


that’s mom.. sorry, didn’t manage to shoot dad and sis snorkeling because after this I was pretty busy swimming between dad and mom.. mom had problems breathing through her snorkel while dad is swimming towards some big rocks (more fish to see there)..

And this is me..


but manage to shoot some fish.. sadly, only shot Sergeant Major Damsel Fish.. saw angel fish, parrot fish as well.. but they are swimming too fast.. visibility is.. umm.. very bad.. I say around 1 meter.. then the water temperature is surprising hot!! it is 33Degrees Celsius!!  fuiyoh.. no wonder no more corals here..

IMG_2774 IMG_2768


Next.. guess what dad found on the shore of our resort?


YES, FRESH LALAs.. we found a total of 8.. and they all taste REALLY good (we cooked it later when we returned to our room)



lets see.. what else did we see.. ummmmm.. a lonely ex-jetty.. more hornbills..

IMG_2837 IMG_2838

Land crabs & sea crabs.. and no, I did not catch them and cook them..

IMG_2845 IMG_2706

saw a fisherman or rather ‘crabman’ morning harvest.. crabs worth RM300.. and yes, they are still alive and moving around in the bags..


hmm.. a container with suspension system.. aah, and my dad splashing water on my sister.. hahahahaha.. because she didn’t want to wet her hair.. hahahahahhaaa..

IMG_2847 IMG_2705

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