Sunday, October 3, 2010

18th September 2010- 1 Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat

On this day, the last day of my Raya Holidays, went over to Tanjung Sepat, where we had loads of fun and lots to eat and drink.. Saw fish ball factory, coffee factory, ‘Ling Zhi’ factory, kerepek factory and even went to the jetty (named lovers bridge, which why I have no idea..), ate Bak Kut Teh (klang’s bak kut teh still taste better, IMHO), deep fried crab, hand made buns.

OK.. enough talk.. lets see some photographs I took..

A scene from a seafood restaurant..


Me & Jacqueline..

IMG_2475 IMG_2481

They claim to hate frogs, but why are they still ‘massaging’ the frogs?


Ling Zhi (灵芝) Factory, and yes, they have ‘normal’ mushrooms as well..

IMG_2502 IMG_2504

Coffee Factory..

IMG_2546 IMG_2548

IMG_2547 IMG_2551

Deep Fried Crab..

IMG_2555 IMG_2556

Hand Made Buns..

IMG_2558 IMG_2559

Fish Ball Factory

IMG_2561 IMG_2562

IMG_2565 IMG_2566

A very relaxing place by the beach.. with Astro, and large speakers.. Lots of ‘retired’ man watching tv, drinking tea and just relaxing here.. AND ITS BY THE BEACH!!


Me on the ‘lovers Bridge’ Smile

IMG_2574 IMG_2576

Some Lass I met on the bridge..

IMG_2583 IMG_2580


IMG_2592 IMG_2590

A semi-group photo.. and a very small fish, the size of a 5cents coin..

IMG_2609 IMG_2622

Tanjung Sepat’s Beach..


A greedy boy munching on one of the handmade buns..


And finally a group photo..


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  1. Very nice ! Wished you have included the address and tel to the interesting places.