Sunday, March 20, 2011

4th & Mayor- Alternative Foursquare App for Windows Phone 7


full_checkin_resultsEmbarrassed to say, the official FourSquare app for Windows Phone 7, has never ran well. There is many complaints at the review page in market place, but looks like no one has taken any initiative to get it fixed (until recently, foursquare announced they will be launching a new app for windows phone 7, after launching its new version for iPhone & Android). The bugs are: unable to log in, crashes (the crash is so severe that you have to re-install the app to get it running again. I myself must have re-installed this app 5-6 times before giving up)

But currently, the foursquare app doesn’t work anymore. We can’t even log on to foursquare.

It is then, we found 4th & Mayor. A 3rd party FourSquare app developed by Jeff Wilcox.

Jeff Wilcox is a software developer who lives in Seattle and loves client software development. Passionate about tech, great user experience, and a good challenge, he can often be found traveling the world speaking at conferences and meeting with technical developers everywhere - checking in to foursquare along the way.

Jeff maintains a blog dedicated to Silverlight and Windows Phone development. You can find that online at, and Jeff's on Twitter as @jeffwilcox, too.

4th & Mayor was initially created to be a ‘Premium’ foursquare app for windows phone 7, but unfortunately, with the sudden death of foursquare official app since 11th March 11, Jeff Wilcox decided to make the app, free.. Which, to me, is damn good.

Here’s some screen shots.

4am_london 4am1 4am_pics 4am_comments sweden 

This app is currently awaiting pending Marketplace Approval, but is available for public download (for those whose phone is unlocked or ‘Developer Unlocked’)

Please click here for instructions to unlock your phone

Please click here to download the XAP file for 4th & Mayor by Jeff Wincox


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