Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weave- Best RSS Reader Available for WP7

RSS Evolved Presenting Weave – the world’s best news reader, exclusively for Windows Phone 7! Featuring an attractive interface and lightning-fast performance, Weave offers a fresh take on RSS. Try it now for free!

Full list of features:
• 33 pre-loaded categories including world, financial, deals, fashion, videogames, technology, and sports news just to name a few!
• Add new categories at any time
• Over 180 pre-loaded, high-quality news sources including CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Engadget, USA Today, NY Times, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, and many more!
• Feed search – you can search for new feeds by topic or website name
• Easily manage your feeds and categories via the settings screen
• Preview articles with a touch of a finger
• View full articles at your leisure
• Share articles with your friends, via email!
• Post an article to your Facebook wall!
• Tweet an article to your Twitter followers!
• Send an article to Instapaper!

We pre-loaded Weave with 33 categories of interest – from sports to technology, politics, world news, videogames, wine, comic books, art, celebrity gossip, movies, travel – just to name a few! For every category, we went and found the highest quality blog and news sources, the ones with the best content, the most interesting articles, and the best images.

As soon as you open Weave the first time, you select the categories you are interested in, and within seconds you have created what is essentially a high-quality magazine that is catered just to you! A virtual magazine that is always updated with fresh articles – without you having to do anything at all!

Download (Via Sideloader)

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