Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Install Mango Beta 2 on Windows Phone 7- without developer account..

Ok.. I was telling myself, I would wait until the official update comes..

But I just cannot wait anymore.. So I took the plunge and updated my NODO WP7 to Mango Beta 2 WP7.

Here’s the steps I took and links to the files which is necessary for the update.

Step 1 : Download the required files.
i. Windows Phone Support Tools. Click HERE for x64 version, and HERE for x86 version.
ii. Updating Tool which can be found here:
iii. Beta version for Zune (made for Mango Beta, other Zune don’t work with mango).
Download it here.

Step 2 : Connect your NODO WP7 to PC via USB.
Ensure that Zune pops up (the old Zune, not the beta version)

Step 3 : Close Zune.

Step 4 : Run the Update.bat

Step 5 : Once complete, Zune will automatically launch.

Step 6 : Check for Updates. You will find ‘Windows Phone 7 Build 7401’. Install it.

Step 7 : Once installed, search for update again. You will find ‘Windows Phone 7 Build 7661’. Install it. Thats Mango Beta 2.

Step 8 : Once Mango is installed, you will need to use the Zune Beta version as the old zune will no longer work on your phone from this time onwards.

However, if you ever want to go back to Nodo, use the ‘restore.bat’ to restore your NODO.
Keep your NODO Backup Safe, as you will need it to return to NODO, before you can update to the official Mango and other future updates.

Update 1 Screen Shot

Update Screen Shot 2- This is it.. MANGO BETA 2!



DONE ! !


i. This is not the official update. Updating to Mango Beta will void your warranty
ii. I am not responsible for any damage, ‘brick’ of your phone
iii. You will need to be at least, on NODO update for this to work

Good Luck and Enjoy WP7 Mango!

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