Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Very Happy Day..

IMG_2066It has been a GREAT day today, seeing 2 very dear friends of mine, tying the knot and beginning their next stage of life.

I had the pleasure of seeing CW glancing at KW from time to time in the office, when KW first join. Took him awhile before he gathered the courage to introduce himself. I can remember it very clearly, it was in my hotel room, during Ricoh’s Service Ambassador Meeting in Kuantan. At that time, almost everyone was in my room drinking beer, eating peanuts. KW was playing UNO with us. I noticed CW glancing at her from time to time, then finally taking the courage to sit down by the bed to introduce himself to her, which was followed by a romantic stroll on the beach and mountain tracking the next day.

After the event in Kuantan, in the office, i can still remember CW finding reasons to be near KW.. taking up call avoidance just to be near KW (Call Avoidance Desk is very near KW’s desk)

To be honest, when I first joined Ricoh, I do not like CW. I found him to be a Mr. Know-it-all.. But after a few weeks, I found that he is a great guy, knowledgeable in his field and willing to help people when they need assistance.

KW on the other hand, for some reason, from the moment she joined Ricoh, i found it very easy to talk with. She became my listening ear as I release all my frustration when my relationship with my ex is not going smooth, and when I was thinking of how to tackle girls (my current girlfriend). I can still remember seeking your advice on what to give her..

Together with William, we had some great memories.. having lunch together almost everyday, and not to mention DOTA sessions at burger king, McDonald's, William’s house, CW’s house, KW’s house and also my house. These are really sweet memories, of which I will always cherish.

To CW & KW, I wish both of you, only the very best. Congratulations!

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  1. so touched...thank u you^^

    -Chun Wai & Kah Wai-