Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 (5.00.50 & 5.00.60)

Before I begin, I would like to announce that Garmin has stopped its support for Smartphones, and will only focus on NuviPhones. The final release for Symbian devices is 5.00.60, which isn’t really an update, but rather some copy and paste thing. I will share with you later on that.
Countless of people has been asking me about how to install this on their mobile phone.. And I have been using Garmin Mobile XT since the days of N95.. and also when I changed my phone to the Nokia 5800.
Getting the required files
First thing you should do, obviously, is to get the required files.
*Garmin Mobile XT v5.00.50 for Symbian s60 v3 (dont worry, it supports 5th edition devices as well)
[Link Removed]
*Garmin Mobile XT Support Files (voice navigation files)
[Link Removed]
*You will also need a map file. This is a rather MalfreeMaps, map of Malaysia-Singapore which is free for download from their website
*Application Garmin.exe
[Link Removed]
*Before I begin, let me highlight some problems i encounter when i installed garmin on my phone (Nokia 5800). It just wont install (expired certificate). If you encounter such problem, no fear, its a firmware bug. all u need to do is back up ur phone to ur sd card, and do a hard reset (enter *#7370* and enter lock code). After hard reset, you will be able to install.
STEP 1: Connect your phone to PC via Data Cable in Mass Storage Mode
STEP 2: Run the GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50050.exe you downloaded earlier. Select the ‘Mass Storage Device’ which is your memory card in your phone.
STEP 3: Run the GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe you downloaded earlier.
STEP 4: Copy the map file gmapsupp.img you downloaded earlier into your phone, under the directory 'x:\garmin\’ where ‘x’ is the drive of your Mass Storage Device (your memory card in your phone)
STEP 5: Using the safely remove device function of your PC, remove the data cables.
STEP 6: Run the File Manager application in your phone
STEP 7: Scroll to ‘E: Memory card’ and scroll down. Run the GarminMobileXT.sis file. This will install Garmin on your phone. note, this is where i encountered the ‘expired certificate’ error. If you do not encounter this, ignore this line. If you do, do the hard reset.
Install01[2] Install02[2]
STEP 8: Run GMobileXT from Apps.
STEP 9: This is where you see the Garmin Spash Screen, and select Agree
garmin01[2] garmin02[2]
STEP 10: Your Garmin might prompt you to enter product code etc.. or start searching for external BT GPSr. Click cancel to get to the main screen
STEP 11: Go to Tools (circled in yellow)> Settings (circled in green) –> Scroll Down (circled in blue)–> Go to ‘About’ (circled in white)
garmin03[8] garmin04[2]
garmin05[2] garmin06[2]
STEP 12: Copy down the Card ID on a piece of paper (my screenshot doesn’t show card id because mine is already unlocked)
STEP 13: Now, run the application Garmin.exe and enter the card ID (1), click on Generate (2) and copy (ctrl+c) the device unlock code.
STEP 14: Start the application ‘Notepad’ and paste the code there like this, and save the file as SW.UNL (Please take note, when you save the file, you change the file type as ‘ALL TYPE’, as illustrated below, in red.
STEP 15: Now, reconnect your phone to your PC via Mass Storage Mode. Paste the SW.UNL into your x:\garmin\ folder.

VIOLA!! Welcome to the universe of Garmin Mobile XT.

Upgrading to v5.00.60 (Optional)
Why upgrade to the final release? Simple.. If you are using Nokia 5800, I strongly recommend you upgrade. Please refer to the changelog below:
Changes in v5.00.60:
- To improve the horizontal to vertical NOKIA 5800 screen problem
- NOKIA 5800 to improve the horizontal screen open "turn preview" issue
- To improve the NOKIA 5800 in the evening when the text mode

To Upgrade:
Download the following file from this link.
[Link Removed]
Next, just extract the files, copy and paste it in the phone. Override all files that shares the same file name.
Next, just run the GarminMobileXT.sis file from your phone’s memory card root directory, from your phone.
VIOLA.. thats it.. the final update for Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian Devices s60.


  1. Hi, can i update version 5.00.60 from version 5.00.40... tq

  2. yup.. sure you can.. just download the patch.. copy paste in your garmin directory and run the garminmobilext.sis will do.

  3. Hi.. I have a Sony Vivaz.. Sick of the inbuilt wisepilot. Can i use these instructions to install garmin on my sony vivaz. Its symbian OS

  4. never tried that.. no harm in trying.. it should work though..

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  6. why my Garmin mobile v 5.0.0 is only 2MB ?

  7. hmm? does the program work?
    is it symbian version or windows mobile version?
    is it the download exe file 2mb?

    i do not quite understand your question.

  8. its symbian version

    whole program is 2mb only and it can run

    why ah??

  9. hi..need help here..i already installed on my SE Vivaz..all going smoothly but face a little bit problem that curious me..when i want to change to "Use Attached GPS” by disabling the “Bluetooth GPS"..that attached gps doesn't appear..that make me wonder my phone doesn't have a-gps??or that software not campatible with vivaz???pls help me

  10. hello there. Do you mean to say, your garmin installed on your phone, cannot detect your built-in GPS? have you entered the SW.UNL file into your garmin folder?

  11. yup already dia can we ensure our phone got that a-gps?how can we check?i bought that vivaz last month from original dealer..pls help me

  12. so your phone is able to use garmin to navigate? good good.

    basically, if ur able to get a satelite lock real fast, then ur agps is working.. if not, it is not working. as simple as that.

    when i was using the gmxt with my nokia 5800, with Agps the lock is usually fast, less than 5secs while without AGPS it takes around 2 minutes.. the difference is huge.

  13. worked well with my vivaz..thanks for the instruction..really helpfull :-)

  14. good.. congrats.. happy navigating!

  15. Hi, where I can get the latest malsing map and other map??indonesia, borneo, uk...TQ

  16. for malsingmap u can get from, although i would prefer

    malsingmap consist of malaysia map, singapore map and brunei map. malfreemaps consist of malaysia, singapore, brunei and thailand map. and the malaysia map is more accurate compared to signapore map.

    for indonesia, you will have to get from

    these are all free maps, built based on contributions from the community. unfortunately, UK doesnt have a community based map. you will need to get garmin's original city navigator maps for UK.

  17. hi...i downloaded it as you said step by step and but no map occur to me ps i am in Kuwait..thanks

  18. hi there.

    Sorry, I am not familiar with Kuwait map, but you can choose to download City Navigator Middle East here: (have to purchase)..

  19. Hey i am using nokia 5800...and am using garmin moblie xt 5.00.60, i always seem to only get a gps signal lock at night and everytime during the day it seems to take there a way to fix this...please help..thanks

  20. Hi Vash,

    Any idea if GMXT will work with the latest Nokia C5-03? Salesperson told me they failed to install.

  21. sorry bro.. i answered ur post in malfree.. not sure if it will work. C5 is using s60v3.2, i know s60v3 and v5 is supported (such as Nokia N95 and 5800) as i was using those 2 phones previously.

    i gave up on nokia's 'LANSI-ness' and their horrible phone quality (kept breaking down.. my first nokia- the 8210 never breaksdown). their service centres is even worse.. bad service, bad attitute, rude people, service centre is even called 'Competant Service Centre'.. no kidding.. it is a gigantic sign board outside their service centre..

    i have not been using nokia for a year now. I'm a happy user of blackberry. But for GPS, i went and bought a garmin nuvi.

    EDIT: YES, it is supported. saw this at the changelog. i guess the shop owner dont know how to install then. it is supported since version 4.20.20

    --Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition_v4.20.20

    Change History
    Changes made from version 4.20.00 to 4.20.20:
    Provide support for Symbian OS v9.3, S60 v3.2.

  22. bro...just wanna v5.00.60 official?since garmin said the latest one is v5.00.50...and with this latest version,is it fixed browse map hang?

  23. hey Vash,
    I bought the Nokia c5-03 and yes GMXT worked faultlessly.
    the maps are a bit outdated though, but then again there's the built-in free ovi maps.

  24. Hi.. yes, 5.00.60 is official. just not as a standalone installation, but rather an update from 5.00.50.

    2nd anonymous, congrats.. if your in malaysia you can get updated maps from

  25. hi there, thx for ur links, the links do help me a lot....i c u r an future job as well haha bt i guess engineer does not suit me so much...haiz

  26. hey.. no problem.. but being an engineer depends on your interests..

    i am happy being in the technical line.. no regrets!!

  27. How to update my map at SE vivaz?

    Malaysia map

  28. simple.. go and download the latest map, run the exe file, install the necessary files, at the end of the installer it will ask if you like to extract the gmapsupp.img file.

    select yes. then after finished, copy the gmapsupp.img into your SE vivaz and replace the existing gmapsupp.img file.

  29. So i go to download?

  30. gd afternoon , i just download the garmin base on ur instruction, but i do have some problem it says that u have to on ur bluetooth and gps doesn't wana detect it, plz do help me

  31. hi. it is simple, you did not cr@ck your garmin.

    try steps 9 to 15..

    if you already done that, then at the screen where it is using BT to find your GPS device, there should be an option to use internal GPS. or do you have to cancel the search to see it. i forgot.

    sorry, i sold off my symbian phone so i cant really help you with the exact steps. it is somewhere there.

    good luck!

  32. hi. thanks a lot brother, success on my first try.

  33. Hye, thanks for the step by step install garmin to fon. I already follow all the step required and as mention at here. Already unlocked, but the problem is it look like cannot detect satellite. Awaiting for GPS accuracy but wait tooooo long for detect signal. Not like usual. It is stop from responding. What do u think the problem? Mine is Sony Satio.

  34. i am sorry i cannot help you on that one. im not sure about how satio's AGPS works, but you might want to look up the manual and get it to work.

    the very first time you use the GPS, it will take longer to lock. let it run for awhile. i am sure you will get a lock in no time.

  35. I already installed SW.UNL to the phone but it still cannot be unlocked.everytime i start GMXT it always ask me to switch on BT or off.can help? im using vivaz btw.

  36. hi. check the file name. is it sw.unl or sw.unl.txt?

    next, at the GMXT page, if not mistaken, you have to choose 'offline' or something like that, and THEN select internal GPS.

    i am sorry, but i do not really remember how to use GMXT. been years since i used it. memory is fading.

    good luck.

  37. i instaled garmin application succesfuly but it has problems showing maps...maybe i missplaced the maps...can u help me a little ?

  38. can install at samsung innov8?it also symbian...

  39. Can someone confirm it works on SE VIVAZ without A-GPS support enabled (i.e. using only standard GPS receiver), please?

  40. Anonymous 1: just place the map in the x:\garmin\ folder will do.

    Anonymous 2: Not sure.. never tried it or heard anyone try it. give it a try :)

    Anonymous 3: sure it will work on VIVAZ without A-GPS enabled. just disable A-GPS from your phone's settings menu. it will take longer for your phone to get a lock though..

  41. To: Harold Chia.....

    many thanks for sharing the above instruction guide and the application.

    Tested with my new "Nokia C5-03" with no problem.

    long live garmin.... hi..hi

  42. infor: nokia s60 5th edition such as model-c503 and 5800, problem on maps if you zoom the map ( hang.

  43. thanks bro..just wanna ask u because my phone is nokia c6-01 and i install garmin version 3 but it just hang always? it because it is not compatible or should i upgrade it to version 5 garmin xt?

  44. i follow the instructions...but it say no maps..
    please help me..:(

  45. Has anybody solved problem with hanging when zoom in nokia c5-03. My won't scroll throgh the map too.

  46. thanks a lot bro,i have been trying many times to find the most accurate procedure on how to do this and so far u are the best

  47. can i use the update map for v5.00.40???

  48. Mr Annoymous 1: version 5 have lots of updates.. including improving the stability :)

    Mr Anonymous 2: did you copy the map file into the garmin folder? the map is in IMG format..

    Mr Anonymous 4: THANK YOU..

    Mr a samad said: map is released every monday on (malaysia, singapore, brunei & thailand map)

    Mr Anonymous 5: sure, dont see why not..

  49. aku dah install sume dah...dah bile nk on maps,,glap jer..poi pun xde..knper?

  50. Pengalaman aku, guna C6-00 Garmin 50.00.60, bila browse map...mesti hang. Yang lain perfect je. Tak tau kenapa. Sapa ada solution?

  51. Maps on my Nokia N97 shows only topographic view.
    Any solution that might help.

  52. Maps on my Nokia N97 shows topogaphic view whilst navigating.

  53. Dear All,

    Thank you for supporting my blog, which i have noticed, this entry being by far the most visited page, with up to 50 unique hits a day.

    From the time i posted this post, in april 2010, i was still actively using the symbian nokia 5800 and happily using garmin mobile xt as my primary GPS device.

    However, time has passed since then, and i have migrated to blackberry's storm 9500 and then to my current phone LG Optimus 7 (E900) running windows phone 7, which is a great phone.

    i have not been using symbian for awhile now, and at times i can vaguely remember how to solve some of the problems my readers face, but its still vague and a rough estimate from my memory. i do not have the chance to play with the newer symbian sets and thus i have not faced any of the problems you face. i am sorry, but i do not know how to assist you.

    I purchased a garmin nuvi 205w back in Febuary 2010, and have been using it ever since. it is a great device, legal and sure as hell preserves my battery in my phone.

    i will continue in my best effort to assist you, for issues i am aware of (which i faced in the past). however, for issues i never encountered before, i have no idea as to how to assist you without a handset myself.

    Mr Anonymous 1: bila browse map, tentulah hang, sebab u punya phone OS memory limited, bila browse map and move too fast, phone tak sempat 'draw' peta, thus hang. happens on garmin on all phones, except garmin's own smartphone (android).

    Anonymous 2 & 3: the solution is simple. reinstall your map set. i believe the map you installed is wrong. if your map is from malfreemaps, when generating the IMG file, please make sure you select the format intended for garmin mxt. Another reason could be, you installed a topographic map over map file, thus seeing only the topographic view.
    try to re-install the map (delete the map file and re-install the map sets).

  54. hi there,
    ijust installed the gmxt ver,on my mobile n85,just wanted to know,are there any latest ver for n85 symbian s60.


  55. hi,
    just installed gmxt ver 5.00.50S60.9 on my nokia c5-03, its' worked fine.


  56. For Sony Vivaz owners, if your getting a hard time getting a lock-on for gps, go to LOCATION-POSITIONING SERVER- ACCESS POINT and set access point to your telecommunication provider's internet (i.e. celcom, digi). This is for a-gps. Works for me.

  57. Hi!

    There is a fix for hang on browse map or navigating on Nokia 5800? sometimes this happens when a route is issued and the voice continues but no screen is drawed and after some period of time, the program exits.

    RM-428 and GMXT 5.00.50, 5.00.60, 6.00.10 tested!


  58. the 'fix' was supposed to be in 5.00.60..

    but it still isnt perfect.. still lags and sometimes hangs..

    Garmin is no longer supporting GMXT (due to too much piracy on the net.. so there hasn't been an update for a long time..)

  59. Thanks Harold!

    But this issue is present only on XM 5800? Newer phones like N97 or N8 runs GMXT fine?

    I did mention that I have the US version (RM-428) because I did realize that not every 5800 hangs with Garmin. On which phones GMXT hangs?

    My phone has last Nokia firmware 51.2.007 (from July 22, 2010), but if upgrading to an unofficial firmware may solve this issue I'll think about this possibility :-)

    It seems to be something related with map detail. With only gmapbmap.img it never hangs browing the map but adding Venezuelan map it hangs.

    Opposite to what would be intuitive, using all max detail it seems to lasts more time without freezing. How? Maybe it is not a video issue but instead the algorithm used to remove the map detail which hangs because a memory full or slow cpu. (Filemanager shows 70MB free on C:!)



  60. Dear Alberto,

    thank you for supporting my blog. I am sorry as I am not able to further assist you.

    I have not used any Nokia Devices (my last was the XM 5800) since early October 2010, and have been avoiding Nokia after some really bad experiances with their Built Quality & their Bad Customer Service Centres, & their non-existant customer service which still has not replied my emails. (Both my Nokia N95 and Nokia XM 5800 had lots of problems)

    From what I remember, the 5.00.60 fixed some laggy issues it was having with XM 5800. Shortly after 5.00.60 was released, i stopped using Nokia phones.

    I never tried version 6. But from what i can see, the reason some hangs and some does not, depends purely on the map itself. seems like some maps causes it to hang while some does not.

    i suspect it is not hardware related (since you mention having max detail seems to last longer before freezing). i would say its the map.

    My sincere suggestion: get a dedicated navigation device. I got myself the Garmin Nuvi 205w in 2010, and it is still functioning perfectly, with very smooth scrolls and no freezing issues.


  61. Hey Harold! Something happens... Two times I wrote a new comment for you as a reply to yours, but after it was accepted doesn't appears!

    Best regards!!

  62. you helped me so much..tq bro but i still got problem on viewing still trying on that..i've downloaded gmapsupp.img, copy & paste it on garmin folder on my phone but still 'no map' appear on my navigator..

  63. Bane, Novi Sad, serbiaOctober 29, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    hi people :)I have a problem with garmin 5.00.50 on my nokia c5-00,2. it installs with no problems and when I go settings/apps and start it I only get splash screen, you know, the first screen with Garmin and some text lower, and nothing. that screen Disappears and like I didnt started it at all, back to apps. can someone help me? maybe the answer is very easy and maybe Im little stoopid but nevermind, pls just help :))) oh yes, I have all the latest software of what I have, so maybe something I dont have at all so he cant chek that, maybe somethig is missing and that is all that comes on my mind. however if someone knows what can be just say it, I‚ll give you a chocolate ;)

  64. I want to add the map of my country (i.e. Pakistan). I have nokia n97mini. Kindly tell me what should I do.

  65. can you teach me how to install it to nokia n95 s60 3rd edition. . .
    would you??

  66. Why garmin mobile xt always displaying "Awaiting better GPS Accuracy"?

  67. Thank you so much bro... successfully installed Garmin on my wife c6 phone...

  68. Thanks sir! ;) Works like a charm in my nokia e7.

  69. hi just wanna ask that this version doesn't have the warnings and all? like traffic light camera etc like my previous one had

  70. i have problem to extract the img file...what should i do?

  71. Thanks Harold!! Succeeded install 5.00.60!

  72. Thanks Harold, It works perfectly in my Nokia C6.


  73. thanks the app works, but I will a Europe map. Where can I download it
    I have done the steps, but my vivaz says when I go to "View Map" no map? why

  74. i cannt find update map of malaysia..can u send me link...latest update.


    you will need to register (free of charge) to see the download link at mfm forum.

  76. Hi Harold - not able to download -Garmin Mobile XT Support Files (voice navigation files) from the link above;;; please help

  77. Hi everyone I have one problem with garmin maps (I have Nokia N97-mini)
    I installed everything per procedure..but in "STEP 4: Copy the map file gmapsupp.img you downloaded earlier into your phone, under the directory 'x:\garmin\’ where ‘x’ is the drive of your Mass Storage Device (your memory card in your phone)"
    I downloaded gmapsupp in winrar Format and when tried to open I got this "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" I can see my speed ,world sides I hear voice..but cant see map...please help I`m from Serbia and need me maps for Europe or Balkans
    I may have done something wrong in step 4 please answer I`ll be thankful
    and sry for bad English

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