Saturday, July 2, 2011

WP7- Installing Paid Apps without Paying for it..

Disclaimer: I came across some information from the internet, and decided to post this out to all my friends out there who are in the same situation as I am. As much as I love my WP7, I am vastly disgusted and saddened by Microsoft’s inability to enable most of the people in the WORLD to purchase apps from marketplace, which i have posted in my blog here. I have been using ‘free’ and ‘trial’ apps for a long time, and now, I want to share to people how to get to use the apps for free. Please do take note, that I am willing to pay for each and every app i use this method to download, if the method is make available to me in Malaysia.

This is a short guide on how to install paid apps from Microsoft’s Marketplace and installing them in your phone. Before we begin, you will need a developer unlocked phone, which I have covered here:
Note: the 1st link only works for LG handsets while the 2nd method only works on Pre-NODO update handsets. Those with NODO updates, i am sorry but i do not know how to unlock your phone.

Next, you will need a very handy tool, from Microsoft themself, called ‘Application Deployment’ which is part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7 (get it here free:

Next, you will need Zune, required to enable your PC to communicate with your handphone.

Alright, next you will need this 2 application, one to download apps from marketplace, and the other to ‘patch’ the XAP file.
1. WP7-MktPlace (
2. WP7-app (

The steps is rather simple.
1. Install all the software mentioned above.
2. Make sure your phone is connected to PC via USB, and Zune detects your phone.
3. Use WP7-app to search and download the XAP file of the software you intend to install.
4. Use WP7-MktPlace to patch the XAP file (the steps to do that is covered in the place where you download it)
5. Use the Application Deployment tool to send this to your phone, and DONE, you have the app in your phone.
Note: From personal experiance, this method doesn’t work for larger XAP files and most of the LIVE games. However, you CAN find and download the XAP for those games already on the internet. Just google it.

Good Luck!


  1. what phone r u using? does this work on HTC Mozart 7?
    pleaseee helppp!

  2. hi.. im using LG Optimus 7.. it will work with HTC Mozart, as long as its unlocked.

    but please dont ask me how to unlock HTC phones.. i have no idea how to do it.. LG i know.. but not HTC..

  3. Hello,
    The tool works well. However, it is impossible to download Mango apps!

    Do you have any method to do so?

    PS: I changed the url to "WinMobi 7.1" instead of "WinMobi 7.0" in order to have Mango apps on search result but when you click it downloads the last non-Mango version.


  4. sorry.. i cant seem to get the mango apps too.. still looking for methods though..

    once i manage to find it i will update this blog..