Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bleaching Corals Due to Divers & Snorkellers?! Closure of islands to help protect corals?!

Once again, our government has ridiculed itself.. Referring to a newspaper announcement on The Star Online, , several dive sites and marine parks including Tioman and Redang have been closed due to coral bleaching. Divers and snorkelers are barred from the dive sites until the end of October to protect the corals which have turned white due to global warming.

Now.. What does global warming have to do with divers? What help does it offer the corals that are bleaching by barring divers? and potentially effect the huge tourism revenue the state government make from locals and foreign tourist.


Sites clsoed are mainly in Redang and Tioman.

All I can say, is that, lucky for me, my next dive and last dive for this season during Raya, will be in Perhentian, which is not affected.


I am disappointed with the government's ridiculous ruling.. I wonder do they even consult professionals before they make a decision?


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  2. lol.. its alright on my blog.. i dont mind people dropping by and say thanks :)

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  5. thank you guys :)

    the department is really working to save the corals..

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