Sunday, July 25, 2010

i-City, the ‘Shopping Mall of Lights’?

OK.. after seeing so many great photographs taken of I-city, and my office is rather near to I-City, decided to go there and have a photoshoot after work.

Overall, it is great! Most of the shopping mall is not open yet, some is.. even my favorite steamboat restaurant opened a branch there, Tasty Pot..

Anyhow, here is the photographs.

IMG_1319 IMG_1325

IMG_1358 IMG_1392

IMG_1432 IMG_1523

IMG_1525 IMG_4997

 IMG_5044 IMG_5037

IMG_5039 IMG_5085

And these are my experimental shots.. using 1sec shutter, high aperture and low ISO..



IMG_5094  IMG_5098


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