Sunday, July 18, 2010

WCG MALAYSIA 2010- Midvalley (World Cyber Games)

Ok.. here’s some photographs i shot in the recent WCG Malaysia held at Mid valley.. For those who doesnt know, WCG is short for World Cyber Games, which I only came to know this year..

interesting enough.. I only see all those local free Online Cyber Games.. talk about ‘World’ Cyber Games show..

Anyhow.. here’s some cute girls for your viewing.

IMG_4943 IMG_4944

IMG_4945  IMG_4947


Aah.. and this girl I would like to point out.. quite playful and kept taking her own photo in various funny post.. i quickly snapped this pic, one of her many funny poses which is not meant for circulation but rather for her own usage.. and the one on the right is her usual poses..

IMG_4950  IMG_4952

lets continue with the girls..

IMG_4951   IMG_4956

IMG_4957  IMG_4960

IMG_4955   IMG_4964

IMG_4966  IMG_4972

IMG_4976  IMG_4977

IMG_4978  IMG_4980

IMG_4981  IMG_4984

IMG_4985  IMG_4986


And here is AMD girls playing with the X-box.. to be honest.. she can play MUCH better than I can in this game.. she drives real fast..




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